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Abdominoplasty and weight loss surgery

Every year the fashion industry brings us new trends, we admire the slender models, who parade on the catwalk. Most men watch those fashion shows not because they want to see what is going to be cool in the next season, but because of the models. Certainly, the husbands tend to compare the girls on the catwalk with their wives, sitting right here on the sofa. In most cases the latter do not stand the comparison.

Undoubtedly, women can notice such a behaviour of their husbands, and if they really want to please them they have to find some ways to change the situation. The most popular methods, which can help a woman to become as slim and light as she was in her twenties, are:

  • healthy way of life — diets, morning exercises, fitness;
  • refusal of any pernicious addictions — it's not only smoking, it also concerns such a bad habit as eating too much, or drinking Cola 2 litres a day and so on;
  • personal care.

Surely, it's very difficult to change oneself quickly, and the results would not be so visible. But our generation prefer to get everything and, if possible, immediately. There's a right decision — aesthetic medicine. The clinic Medimatkat, which is in Finland, offers everyone a chance to become proud of her or his look in the mirror. Here you can find a lot of types of cosmetic surgery, and one of them is vatsan muotoilu, which means abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck.

When is it time to have abdominoplasty? When you want to have flat and smooth belly. During the surgery the patient gets rid not only of the skin folds, which may form with age or after pregnancy, she also loses the excess fat, thanks to such procedure as water-jet liposuction. The Finnish medics guaranty that you'll be satisfied with the result and there will be no scars left.

Sometimes the results of the surgery do not meet the expectations of the client. It may happen in many cases, especially when there are a lot of loose skin after the weight loss operation. We should say, that medics are not magicians, and their priority is complete safety of the patient. For example, one cannot undergo the treatment if he has lost too big amount of fat. A common choice for such customers is lihavuusleikkaus, that is obesity surgery. This type of treatment prevents the weight regain. It may take some time before it is allowed to have tummy tuck surgery

In any case, the medics of the Finnish clinic will try to do their best that you be satisfied with the outcome.