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Blood Service

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The Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation and the Federal Medical-Biological Agency (FMBA of Russia) in accordance with resolutions annually approved by the Government of the Russian Federation implemented a large-scale program for development of mass donation of blood and blood components. It provided for organization and financing of a number of measures aimed at increasing the number of stored blood and blood components and increasing the number of donors.

Importance of this program is that blood and its components can not be synthesized artificially, so blood donors are the only source of life for millions of patients with serious diseases, as well as victims of various accidents and catastrophes.

The program has three main areas: supply of blood transfusion stations with modern equipment, creation of a unified information base and development of mass voluntary donation. For four years (until 2011) the program has involved 87 agencies of blood transfusion in all subjects of the Russian Federation and 15 blood transfusion services under federal jurisdiction.

As a result of the program for 4 years agencies of blood service of subjects of the Russian Federation has received about 7,000 units of new medical equipment.

Speaking at the IV All-Russian Forum of Blood Services, achievements of the project for 2008-2011 were named by the head of the FMBA of Russia, Vladimir Uyba, as follow:

Increase in number of plasma donors within development program of blood services by 11%.

Increase in plasma procurement using plasmapheresis method by 29.7%

plasmapheresis hardware – by 74.9%

volume of procured fresh frozen plasma – by 5.8%

Increase of such motivation to donate as unselfish assistance to people (from 35% of asked donors in 2009 to 61% - in 2010).

To procure blood in field conditions a mobile complex of blood sampling (MCBS) has been supplied since 2008, which allows you to work in the field away from stationary clinics. Based on the experience of operation in 2008-2010 MCBS was finalized. In 2011 MCBS of domestic production was supplied as part of program.

The most important result of the program, which was named by director of the FMBA of Russia, is awareness of national characteristics of donation in Russia. There is no need to strive for European average indicator of 25 donors per thousand of people, if we have achieved the most important thing – completely satisfied needs of "clinic" of each subject of the Russian Federation in blood components (other than large cities), said Vladimir Uiba.

In 2012 5 billion rubles from the federal budget will be allocated for modernization of blood service. Under the plan proposed by the FMBA of Russia further implementation of the program of blood service development can be performed in several ways:

Provision of medical equipment to blood transfusion services of the Russian Federation and federal government agencies. Today 47 regional blood transfusion stations, that did not participate in the Program 2008-2011,need a full re-equipment.

Development and maintenance of a unified information base of donation of blood and blood components. The work on database formation is underway.

Upgrading of blood products (albumin and gamma globulin) on number of existing SEC licensed productions.

Delivery of modular designs to place blood transfusion services.

In 2012 several blood transfusion services of the Russian Federation are scheduled to be included in the program, therefore 31 blood transfusion services in 10 regions are scheduled to be provided with medical equipment for procurement, processing and studying of donor blood, as well as 13 federal government agencies under the authority of the Ministry of Health of Russia and the FMBA of Russia. According to preliminary estimates modernization of production in the SEC will increase production capacity by at least two times, with this regard SEC have already developed technical and human solutions.