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Research activities of the FMBA of Russia

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(edition of Regulations of the Government of the RF dated 28.11.2006 N 722, dated 02.06.2008 N 423,
dated 07.11.2008 N 814, dated 27.01.2009 N 43, dated 16.07.2009 N 584, dated 17.10.2009 N 812, dated 15.06.2010 N 438)

II. Authorities

5. Federal Medical and Biological Agency shall have the following powers in the established field of activity:

5.3. organize:

5.3.1. events to identify and eliminate influence of high-risk factors of physical, chemical and biological nature on the health of workers of served organizations and population of served areas;

5.3.2. holding of medical and sanitary events to prevent, identify causes, location and emergency recovery, radiation, chemical and biological accidents and incidents, spread of infectious diseases and mass non-infectious diseases (poisoning);

5.7. according to procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation places orders and concludes state contracts, as well as other civil supply contracts for goods, works and services, for conducting of scientific and research, development and engineering works, including in the field of health and hygiene provision of works on complex utilization of chemical and nuclear facilities, remediation of these facilities, as well as works carried out under the Federal Space Program;

5.8. in the manner and within limits defined by federal laws, acts of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation, performs powers of owner with regard to federal property necessary for performance of functions of federal state authorities in the field of activity established by paragraph 1 of this Regulation, including property transferred to federal state unitary enterprises, federal government agencies and federal public enterprises subordinated to the Agency;

5.9. performs functions of the state customer of federal target, scientific and technical, innovative and special programs and projects in the field of Agency’s activity;

5.11. organize:

5.11.1. work on protection of workers of served organizations and population of served territories from man-made emergencies;

5.11.4. holding of medical and biological and chemical and analytical testing of civilian weapons and ammunition in assessing allowable human exposure of injurious effects of these weapons;

5.12. provides:

5.12.3. coordination of projects implemented by subordinate organizations at the expenses of foreign states and international organizations;

5.12.5. scientific, technological and innovation activities;

5.12.6. organizational and methodical guidance and coordination of health care organizations in sports medicine;

5.21. organizes congresses, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other events in the established field of activity;

6. Federal Medical and Biological Agency in order to implement powers in the established field of activity shall be entitled to:

6.1. organize conducting of necessary studies, tests, examinations and assessments, as well as scientific researches on control and supervision in the established field of activity;

6.3. involve in the prescribed manner scientific and other organizations, scientists and experts to study issues in the established field of activity;

6.4. create advisory and expert bodies (councils, commissions, groups, boards) in the established field of activity;

6.5. monitor activities of territorial bodies of the Agency and its subordinate organizations;

6.6. request in the prescribed manner information required for decision-making related to issues in the competence of the Agency.

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