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Work with appeals

Consider of public appeals in the FMBA of Russia is made in accordance with the Federal Law of May 2, 2006 No.59-FZ "On procedure of consider of appeals of citizens of the Russian Federation."

Registration period of written public appeal (hereinafter – a written appeal) in the FMBA of Russia since its arrival – 3 days.

Total period for administrative procedures for registration of an oral appeal shall not exceed 30 minutes.

A written appeal with issues that are not within the competence of the FMBA of Russia is sent within seven days from registration date in the FMBA of Russia to the appropriate body or the appropriate official responsible for solving of issues mentioned in the appeal with simultaneous notification of citizen who sent an appeal, on readdressing his/her appeal, if text of the written appeal can not be read, reply to the appeal shall not be given and it can not be sent for consideration to the state agency, local government body or official in accordance with their competence, and the citizen who submitted the appeal shall be informed about this within seven days from date of appeal registration if his/her last name and mailing address amenable to read.

If solving of issues set out in a written appeal relates to the competence of several state agencies, local government bodies or officials, a copy of the appeal shall to relevant government bodies, local government bodies or appropriate officials within seven days from the date of registration in the FMBA of Russia.

A written appeal received by the FMBA of Russia by mail, by public information systems shall be considered within 30 days from date of registration of the written appeal.

In the appeal the citizen necessarily indicates his/her surname, first name, middle name (the latter – if available), e-mail, if response should be sent in the form of an electronic document and e-mail address, if response should be sent in writing. The citizen is entitled to attach necessary documents and materials in electronic form or send such documents and materials or their copies in writing.

In exceptional circumstances and in the case of sending by the FMBA of Russia in the established procedure of requests to other government bodies, local government bodies or officials to obtain documents and materials required for consideration of written appeal, the head of the FMBA of Russia or an authorized official of the FMBA of Russia may extend period for consideration of written appeal for no more than 30 days.

The citizen shall be notified in writing about extending of period for appeal’s consideration.