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Experts of the Federal State budgetary health care institutions "Perm Clinical Center of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency" (PCC FGBUZ FMBA of Russia) took part in the scientific-educational seminar for endoscopy of the digestive system and the plenum of the Board of the Russian Endoscopic Society

Events took place 16 - 17 September 2016 in Chelyabinsk. They were organized by the board of the Russian Endoscopic Society, the Ministry of Health of the Chelyabinsk region and the Chelyabinsk regional public organization "Association of Physicians Endoscopy".

The forum was attended by about 300 doctors endoscopists and surgeons from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Irkutsk, Tyumen, Novokuznetsk, Orenburg, Kemerovo, Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk region and other Russian cities.


During the seminar touched upon the issues related to modern endoscopic techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the digestive system. With a series of presentations by leading experts of the country. There was a panel discussion, during which the participants of the conference spoke on the issues discussed. In the audience through the broadcast from four operating Chelyabinsk Regional Clinical Hospital in on line mode showcased endoluminal endoscopic surgery, which was performed by experts from leading clinics of the country. At the seminar, a lecture on "Modern diagnosis and treatment of Barrett's esophagus" made by Deputy Director of the PCC FGBUZ FMBA of Russia VN Novikov and head of the department of endoscopic FGBUZ PCC FMBA of Russia AV Sandratskaya.

VN Novikov as an expert also performed intraluminal surgery - Argon ablation metaplazirovannoy esophageal mucosa. The forum was held advanced course on endoscopic techniques with practical exercises on biomodels. Also, a workshop was held for nurses endoscopic departments and offices dedicated to the professional activities of nurses at various endoscopic manipulations and operations, working with modern facilities, providing sanitary and anti-epidemic conditions, disinfection and sterilization equipment.